Mother, daughter trainers combine hypnosis, fitness

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A lot of people struggle to keep their weight loss goals. Many fall off the wagon keeping up with their diet or exercise.

But a local mother and daughter have come up with a program that they hope will not only change bodies, but also minds. It's called Fittnosis. The program was created by trainer Madison Crosby and her mother Cindy Parker, a hypnotist.

"Hypnosis is good for weight loss. I've been doing it for years," said Parker.

Parker figured her skills as a hypnotist and her daughter's personal training background would be a perfect mix.

"I know she can kick their butt and get them to work out hard and change their bodies while I change their mind," said Parker.

"The results are amazing because it's a lifestyle," said Crosby. "They are taking a total 180, 360 they are making a lifestyle change and really working with us to to help them get where they want to be."

Lyndsay Riddle participates in Fittnosis. She says she's made a lot of progress since joining the Fittnosis boot camp four months ago. The idea of hypnosis didn't raise any concerns for her.

"Today, I've lost 28 pounds," said Riddle. "My dad had done hypnosis with quitting cigarettes at one point so I was open to it."

Riddle says the power of Parker's suggestions during hypnosis has affected her eating habits.

"One big thing I've noticed is I used to have a problem with carbs and it's almost like I don't want that anymore," said Riddle.

Another participant, Linawa Shaffer recommends Fittnosis for anyone who has challenges with willpower and motivation.

"I would say go for it because we're going to dive deep into the mind, and we're gonna do this because at the end of the day, the struggle is me versus me," said Shaffer.

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