Mother-to-be widowed after dispute turns deadly in Clearwater

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Samantha Omasta and her husband recently found out they were pregnant but their life together came to an end last weekend when Derek Omasta was shot and killed. 

According to Clearwater police, Omasta was shot during an argument with his neighbor, Deshon Powers.

Arrest records state the two were verbally fighting over parking when Powers went inside his home and came back outside with a gun.

"The next thing I know, Derek’s pushing me out of the way as Deshon is walking back out of the house, and all you see is three white flashes," recalled Samantha Omasta.

Investigators said Omasta was shot in the upper body and died from his injuries.

Omasta's wife described the attack as "random" and said she and her husband had never spoken to Powers before.

"There was no reason for this,” said Omasta, days following the incident.

Powers was charged with first-degree murder but was released from jail after posting $750,000 bond.

His attorney, Theresa Jean-Pierre Coy sent FOX 13 the following statement:

"Although a charging decision and arrest have been hastily made within eight (8) hours of the alleged incident by the Clearwater Police Department, we understand this case is still being investigated. We also understand various eyewitnesses have made statements concerning a knife being involved. More specifically, we understand that several eye-witnesses have stated Mr. Powers was assaulted and threatened with a knife. We look forward to defending Mr. Powers throughout this process and believe he has a very strong defense."

Omasta sees it differently.

“I lost my husband for the rest of my life, and [Powers] gets out the very next day,” she said.