Multi-denominational choir spreads joy through song

A gospel group from Mulberry, Florida has a unique way of bringing their community together.

Sounds of beautiful harmony resonate from St. James Primitive Baptist Church, where the Mulberry Community Choir practices their songs of faith.

"Our purpose is to make a joyful noise as one body in Christ Jesus from different denominations," said Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Eugene Kenricks.

In fact, there are five different denominations coming together for this common cause.

"We have members from Methodist Church, Primitive Baptist, the Missionary Baptist Church, First Born Church of the Living God," Pastor Kenricks said.

The choir was formed five years ago with 12 members. Now they have 25.

"I love ministering through song and this choir does it in a wonderful way and helps others while doing it," explained member Tracy Harris. 

Choir member Tiffany Sammanie suffers from PTSD from her days in the military. The group has been a calming force in her life.

"This is my family away from home," said Tiffany. "They have kept me grounded. They have kept me encouraged."

The members sing at community events and funerals.

"We are always looking to grow so that we can minister to people everywhere," said Harris.

The choir brings the community together through their love of song. For information, email Pastor Kenricks at