Musicians, listeners embrace the rebirth of vinyl records

Once upon a time, records were everywhere: Grooves to dance by, love songs that made you cry, and classical compositions. We even sent a gold one to space! It's still there, flying to distant worlds, the soundtrack of life on earth. 

But the rise of cassettes and CDs just about killed the vinyl record business. Now, it's making a comeback. 

The owner of Microgroove Records, an independent store in Seminole Heights, has witnessed the rebirth of vinyl.

"I think people are just re-immersing themselves into a tangible format. Something they can hold with their hands,” Keith Ulrey offered. “They can look at the jacket, read the lyrics, read about where it was recorded.” 

In fact, vinyl album sales rose almost 15% in 2018 alone. And that got the attention of some heavy hitters.

"It's most of the major labels that are re-catching on in the last 10 years. The larger acts and your country acts and your jazz acts that are now repressing on vinyl,” Ulrey continued.

Ulrey says the people making the most money may not be who you think. "That boom and those sales are primarily referring to Amazon and Urban Outfitters." 

Urban Outfitters? Who knew? 

"Amazon is the largest vinyl distributor in the United States, and Urban Outfitters -- although it's a clothing and knick-knack store -- it's the nation's largest brick-and-mortar record stores,” Ulrey explained. 

So how long will it last? That remains to be seen, but Ulrey has a prediction. "CDs are going to make a comeback in the next few years." 

The Top 20 bestselling vinyl albums of 2019 so far:

Greatest Hits, Queen
Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Pt 1, Foals
The Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd
Rumours, Fleetwood Mac
The Greatest Showman, Motion Picture Cast Recording
Legacy, David Bowie
Amo, Bring Me The Horizon
Encore, Specials
Back To Black, Amy Winehouse
What's The Story Morning Glory, Oasis
Nevermind, Nirvana
Ripples, Ian Brown
Guardians Of The Galaxy - Awesome Mix 1, Original Soundtrack
Don't Smile At Me, Billie Eilish
Eton Alive, Sleaford Mods
Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
Greatest Hits II, Queen
Staying At Tamara's, George Ezra
Hounds Of Love, Kate Bush
Legend, Bob Marley & The Wailers