Need a pirate ship? Bonney-Read Krewe selling Gasparilla parade float

The Bonney-Read Krewe is selling its current Gasparilla parade float as they make room for a new one. 

The all-female Crewe has been sailing down Bayshore Boulevard aboard the Vanity, a 33-foot, two-story pirate ship with all the bells and whistles. Like all good things though, the time has come for the Vanity to sail off into the sunset. 

The krewe is upgrading to a new and larger float, so they're selling the Vanity. 

"We thought gosh, someone needs a float out there if not another krewe maybe a business that wants that pirate feeling," said Krewe co-founder Camille Matthews. 

Gasparilla float with pirates during Gasparilla Children’s parade.

The group doesn’t have an official price tag on the ship, and they said they’re entertaining all offers. 

"Picture yourself you’re on the parade route, there are hundreds of thousands of people saying ‘beads!' How often do you get that happening?" Matthews said. 

For more information on the Vanity and how to make an offer, visit