New details in Hogan sex tape case

If you listen to Bubba the Love Sponge you know the name… Matt Loyd known to many as “Spice Boy”. He was Bubba's former employee and radio sidekick.  

Documents show the FBI had an interest in Spice Boy and his possible involvement in shopping around the Hogan sex tape.

Last month, we told you Hogan went to the FBI in fall of 2012 and claimed he was being extorted.

According to court documents the FBI conducted a sting and used Hogan and his attorney David Houston for their covert operation.

Attorney Anthony Rickman analyzed the case for Fox 13. "At some point in time got into the hands of some attorney in California and this attorney attempted to extort Hogan," said Rickman.

 That attorney according to court documents was Keith Davidson based in Los Angeles, "a lot of time the person in the undercover sting will wear a wire," explained Rickman.

During the secret meeting Hogan's attorney handed Davidson a check for $150,000 in exchange for three DVD's and CD's.

It was no secret in the radio world Spice Boy and Bubba had a tense relationship after the sex tape was leaked.

Then in August of 2013 -- Spice Boy was fired from Cox Radio.

Some on Twitter blamed Bubba for pushing him out and Spice Boy seemed agree with the rumors tweeting: "revenge is the best revenge....right bubba? just checking..."

The FBI confirms Spice Boy is relevant to the sex tape investigation and has provided information to agents on the case.

The FBI closed the case and the U.S. Attorneys Office never filed charges.

But that doesn't mean Spice Boy and attorney Keith Davidson are off the hook.

The case is now being investigated by Tampa Police and they confirm it remains active.