New details in the Hogan sex tape scandal

Another day another revelation in the Hulk Hogan sex tape saga.

Turns out in the summer of 2012 the FBI conducted an undercover sting operation and got Hulk Hogan to play along, explains attorney Anthony Rickman.

"This tape got into the hands of this attorney in California and this attorney attempted to extort Hogan," said Rickman.

So the FBI put a covert plan into motion.


Court documents obtained by FOX 13 show the FBI recorded a conversation between Hogan, his attorney David Houston and a California attorney named Keith Davidson.

In fact his name came up during an emergency hearing on Thursday.


"The extortionist Mr. Davidson remember him? He's the one who prepared one of these transcripts as part of the extortion operation. His client didn’t come to the sting operation and sent another person," Gawker's attorney Seth Berlin reminded the judge.

Reports show during the sting Hogan's attorney handed over a check for $150,000 and in court another Hogan attorney explains to the judge: "The FBI and Mr. Houston communicate with the extortionist and that’s where these audio CD's and where theses DVD's come from."

"Davidson Law was involved in a transaction regarding the potential sale of a video which led to a criminal investigation in Florida," admits the California attorney.

But whatever came of it? Why were there no charges?

"We don't know because it’s all done in secret," said Rickman.

While the Feds may not pursue charges that doesn't mean local authorities won't.

FOX 13 first reported the Tampa Police Department and the Hillsborough State Attorneys Office confirm there is an active criminal investigation into the Hogan sex tape scandal.

Rickman says investigators may be looking at several possibilities.

"If Hogan was here in Hillsborough County and he was a victim within the county and any act of the extortion occurred while he was in Hillsborough County then Hillsborough County can charge that person in California with extortion locally," Rickman explained.

The Tampa police investigation is ongoing.