New ice cream trend rolls into Ybor City

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There’s nothing better than a frozen treat on a hot summer day, but you’ve probably never had ice cream the way Snobachi serves it up. 

“Once they try it, they’re hooked,” owner Jonathon Andujar says of his customers. 

You won’t find any scoops in Snobachi. The shop serves up frozen, rolled ice cream called Snorolls.

“Some people come in for the first time and they’re like. I don’t know what’s going on. We help them out. We bring them where we need to bring them,” Andujar explained. 

The Snorolls, and their liquid nitrogen-dipped Dragon Balls, are sweet treats inspired by delights you might find on the streets in Thailand and the Philippines. 

The unique ice cream shop offers over 50 toppings and sauces to choose from including fruit, cereal, candy, and nuts. 

You can find Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream in Ybor City.