New Port Richey home invasion leads to chase and crash

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A group of teens on a crime spree lead police in Pasco County on both a car and a foot chase.

Officers in New Port Richey say they robbed a home at gunpoint, then fled in a stolen car.

Two of the teens are in custody, but two are still on the run.

All of the teens involved are believed to be from the Orlando area.

New Port Richey police say just before 2 p.m., four teens robbed a home on Ohio Avenue, holding the residents at gunpoint.

Police say the young men fled in a black 2008 Lexus. The car was reported stolen last Friday in Winter Park.

A short time later on River Road, just south of Green Key Road in New Port Richey, police spotted that vehicle.

The officer turned on her lights and siren, and the 16-year-old driver took off.  He crashed into a tree, knocking it down. He was pinned underneath it.

The officer pulled him out, but he fought her off, and began to run away.  That’s when a good samaritan and his son, who heard the crash, came out of their duplex..

The man’s son explains how his father helped the officer get control.  "He saw them struggling, then the dude got over on the lady copy, because he was physically stronger, and my dad just picked him up, slammed him on the ground, and held him there," said Kesey Smith.

Deputy Chief Steven Kostas, with the New Port Richey Police Department says a second teen got out of the vehicle.  "While that was going on, we had an 18-year-old passenger exit the vehicle with a gun in his hand, and he took off running."

The 18-year-old passenger identified as Isaac Reyes, took off on foot.  Witnesses say he hopped several fences while holding a gun in his hand.  He was caught by officers just as he made it to U.S. Highway 19.  He was arrested.

Police say they found items stolen from the home inside the wrecked Lexus.

They're still searching for the two remaining suspects.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the New Port Richey Police Department.