New Port Richey woman celebrates 101st birthday in shelter

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No one would plan a birthday party at a hurricane shelter but sometimes Mother Nature has plans of her own. 

That was alright for Dora Kuliga who turned 101 Thursday.

"It has been very nice it's been lovely I've enjoyed it very much," she said.

Three separate first responder crews helped her celebrate, including the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

"It was very nice, very happy and mom was smiling. She enjoyed it. She ate all the chocolate ice cream they gave her," said close friend Caroline Yachymczyk.

Dora is still without power so she's staying in the shelter with two other friends who are her family these days.  They all live together in New Port Richey. 

"I am just taking everything easy I don't mind it. It's good passing the time," she said.

Thankfully their home was spared of any damage and they're all looking forward to getting home.

Dora says the key to her longevity: "Doing the right thing and best you know how to do."