City program will give eligible Tampa homeowners up to $50,000 for home repairs

A new program in Tampa aims to stabilize neighborhoods and keep homeowners in their homes by helping them make necessary repairs amid rising costs.

The effects of the pandemic have made homeownership more difficult for some, but Tampa homeowners struggling to keep up with repairs can get some much-needed help through a new program. 

Tampa's manager of Housing and Community Development, Kayon Henderson says the city is putting $3 million into supporting the Owner-Occupied Home Rehabilitation Program, which helps homeowners with low or fixed incomes make necessary repairs. 

If eligible and homeowners stay within the guidelines, it’s free. 

"We do repairs up to $50,000 per home, and then we put an affordability period on that home," says Henderson. "As long as they maintain owner-occupied, they can stay in the home and it’s a completely forgivable loan."

Repairs eligible under the program include roofing, plumbing, electrical, floors and structural walls, heat/AC, foundation issues, siding, porch repairs, windows, water heater repairs, and handicapped accessibility improvements. Lead-based paint remediation or other environmental issues are also covered.

For more information, or to apply, visit