New school year brings hopeful return to Seminole Middle

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A new school year means a new start for one middle school shrouded in controversy.

Parents of kids at Seminole Middle School were literally in tears – fearful that violence at the school had gotten out of hand at the end of last year.

Violence reached its peak when three students were arrested on felony charges following a brawl that injured one of the teachers.

Assistant Principal Dr. Lawanda Johnson says administrators and teachers accomplished a lot of work this summer to address those concerns and they hope to turn over a new leaf. 

An open-door policy has been stressed to the staff and teachers now escort students through the halls in between classes and lunch periods.   

Dr. Johnson says locker visits are limited and students must now leave their cell phones inside them.

“It allows for a more controlled, consistent environment on the campus,” Johnson said.

The school says after news of last year’s chaos spread - parents and the community stepped up tenfold, providing input and helping however they could.