New security measures in place at Sarasota Middle School

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From the outside the changes aren't drastic, but, inside you will see a big difference at Sarasota Middle School. 

"You're going to come in and you're going to come in to the safe and secure lobby," said Jody Dumas. 

Jody Dumas, the Executive Director of Facility, Construction and Planning with Sarasota Schools, has been working on the designs to keep anyone with bad intentions out of the schools. 

"These are going to be access-controlled doors on both sides. These are bulletproof glass," he said. 

The construction is happening district-wide. 

Office staff will be protected by different layers of bulletproof glass. 

There will be a speaker for visitors to talk through and a transaction tray to send papers into the office. 

All guests entering the school will be buzzed in. 

The goal of the construction is to make a single point entry into every school in the district. That way if something does happen, it buys the school extra time to find out what's going out and to get extra help.

"Whether it's a minute, 50 seconds or 10 seconds, if something happens in this safe and secure environment here in the front office, staff behind the window can still feel safe, take the time press buttons, get the SROs, get everybody responding," said Dumas. 

Around campus, more lighting, security cameras and fencing has been installed. 

Principal Janel Dorn said it's work in progress. 

"It's a very busy place and it's essential that we are all in the mindset of working together for this community," said Dorn. 

Some schools will be finished before the first school bell rings on August 13th. 

Others will be finished a few weeks after school begins. 

They're all big changes with the intention of keeping everyone on campus out of harm's way. 

"If you have to wait a little longer to get a visitor's badge, it's not an inconvenience, it's actually a good thing. We want everyone coming on our campus to be safe, secure," said Dorn.