'No swim advisory' issued for Longboat Key

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A "no swim advisory" has been issued for Longboat Key, the Florida Department of Health said Thursday. 

The advisory was issued because of high levels of enterococcus bacteria. 

The health department said the beaches are open, but they urge everyone to stay out of the water.

Health officials say the elevated levels of bacteria are likely due to natural sources like decaying algae and dead and decaying fish associated with the red tide. 

People also should not eat shellfish like crabs and shrimp collected in the immediate area. Finfish caught live and healthy can be eaten if filleted, the health department said.

There was no word on how long the advisory was going to be in effect.

To check on the water testing results at beaches ahead of time, head to https://ourgulfenvironment.scgov.net and click on "water monitoring" and "bacterial testing."