'Not fun, not cool' riding out Irma in St. Maarten

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Loren Mayo and Holly Morris know firsthand the immense power Irma is packing.  The Florida natives were forced to ride out the Category 5 storm at their hotel in St. Maarten. 

Videos they posted to Facebook show just how intense the storm was over the island.

"All of the doors were shaking badly, the wind was howling and acting like it was going to come though the balcony door," said Mayo. "We had a piece of the balcony a floor above us swing down and start teeter-tottering back and forth."

The aftermath left trees down, cars flipped over and debris tossed like kids' toys.

"It is an absolute disaster and this island is so pretty, it's so saddening and disheartening," Mayo said.

"Our nerves are a little rattled given what we went through, but overall, we're OK. We have food and water to last us the next few days," offered Morris.

Based on what they've seen, their advice to those still in the storm's path:

"It is not fun. It's not cool. There's nothing good about it. If you can leave, take care of your house and get out," Morris added.

At least eight have been confirmed dead in the Caribbean following the hurricane.