Officer's accuser admits being drunk, flirtatious

The woman who accused Officer Adam York of sexual battery during a traffic stop told investigators she sees no problem in flashing a cop to get out a ticket.

"I would flash you if you asked me to flash you. Like, flashing is no big deal to me," explained the accuser.

The woman admits she was drunk when she was pulled over last February, and that started flirting with Officer Adam York to get out of going to jail.  But she said the flirting quickly turned physical.

"He did tell me to pull down my pants. He told me to do it two times.  That's when his hands were down there," explained the accuser.

But documents show, during the accuser's police interviews, her story appears to evolve.  She also refused a full medical exam and erased all her contacts from her phone -- actions that the jury may question, according to York's attorney, Rick Escobar.

"In this case, there are more contradictions and more discrepancies in the allegations in this case that I have seen in my 34 years of practice as a lawyer," said Escobar.

Escobar says, despite the woman's credibility issues, the charges against Officer York may be less about the evidence and more about the political climate against police officers.

"So what's the easiest thing for the state attorney to do, is let's push that hot potato now in front of a jury  let a jury make that decision," Escobar continued.

York, who was a police officer for 19 years, has a stellar record and reputation. But even if he's cleared of these accusations, the damage has already been done.

"That officer's reputation is going to be ruined and he's going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending this case, and I think that's the sad part," Escobar added.