Oklahoma zoo shares ultrasound video of baby elephant due in 2022

A zoo in Oklahoma shared ultrasound video showing a baby elephant that's due in February 2022.

The Oklahoma City Zoo says its Asian elephant, 25-year-old Asha, is pregnant with her fourth calf.

Asha is about eight months into her 22-month pregnancy, zookeepers said.

(Courtesy: Oklahoma City Zoo via Storyful)

"A tiny trunk and little legs? This ultrasound is ultra-sweet!" the zoo wrote in its Facebook post.

Asian elephants are endangered, with fewer than 50,000 remaining in the wild.

Asha and other Asian elephants at the zoo (Courtesy: Oklahoma City Zoo via Storyful)

“Every pregnancy is valuable to the survival of this beloved animal as their wild counterparts continue to face extreme hardships in their native habitats," said Rachel Emory, the zoo’s curator of elephants and rhinos.

According to the World Wildlife Federation, the biggest threat to Asian elephants is habitat loss. Poaching also remains a threat as both Asian and African elephants continue to be illegally hunted for ivory.