On the Job: DogSense Obedience makes training fun

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We all have a soft spot for our dogs and sometimes have trouble getting them to follow our commands.

That is when we turn to a dog trainer who can help us hold strong when looking at those adorable furry faces.

DogSense Obedience in Lakeland has been helping dog owners build the best possible relationship with their canine for years.

FOX 13 Meteorologist Brittany Rainey went On The Job to see all of their hard work firsthand.

They use a balanced technique, showing the dog what is right, rewarding with praise and/or treats.

When the dog makes a mistake there is a consequence, usually a noise, leash pull, or squirt with water.

Debbi Snyder, DogSense Obedience owner, believes dogs want to do what is right and, when given the chance to make the right decision, they will do so.

DogSense Obedience offers daycare where the dogs get one-on-one playtime with employees. The idea is to train the dog to pay more attention to their human than the other dogs around.

There is also day school where each day owners drop off their dog for training.

At the end of a week of day school, the owner comes in to learn how to execute the commands their dog has learned - making sure to build the bond between owner and dog.