On the job with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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The Humane Society of Tampa Bay helps thousands of animals find homes every year. Just think of how many dishes, loads of laundry, and feedings go into caring for all of those animals! And who does the work?

Volunteers are a critical part of keeping the Humane Society run as the well-oiled machine it is. 

I put on gloves to help wash the couple hundred dishes they go through each day. The same volunteer that does the dishes keeps the laundry going -- loading the washer, then piling it into the dryer, and finally folding it all up. They definitely keep busy!

I dished out the first meal of the day for some friendly dogs, who get fed three times a day. The highlight of my day was entertaining the few week-old puppies while other volunteers cleaned their cage. You can't beat puppy snuggles!

The Humane Society also spays and neuters their animals. Volunteers are there to snuggle the animals as they wake up from their surgery. 

I only got a glimpse of all the hard work done by volunteers and staff. It was a lot of work but incredibly rewarding and fun. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay can always use more volunteers!

LINK: For more information visit www.humanesocietytampa.org/volunteer/