One year after kidney transplant, 9-year-old auctions prize-winning swine at Manatee County Fair

One year ago, an 8-year-old Manatee County boy named Larry was getting ready to have a kidney transplant. But the kidney was just a hurdle he had to jump on his way to his first real test in life: raising a pig to enter in the Swine Live Auction at the Manatee County Fair.

A year later, at the ripe old age of 9, Larry's pig walked the ring and drew a per-pound bid about five times the norm for similar swine.

Larry shows Wilbur on the one-year anniversary of his kidney transplant and wins 2nd in category.

Larry's mother, Jenny Wingate said Larry's pig, Wilbur was judged second in his class Thursday - which happened to be the one-year anniversary of his kidney transplant. Then, on Saturday, the folks at Detwiler's Farmers Market placed the winning bid for Larry's pig at $25 per pound.

Wingate said this was Larry's first year participating in the 4-H swine competition.

Larry's uncle, Earl posted a video on Facebook of his nephew showing Wilbur Saturday. The announcer begins to tell Larry's story, but becomes choked-up telling Larry's story.

"One year, and two days ago, he got a brand new kidney," the announcer says to cheers. "This guy is a miracle baby."

Larry with Wilbur at the Manatee County Fair.

Larry escorts Wilbur around the ring as the auctioneer begins the bidding. As the price goes up, the crowd continues to cheer.

After the bid reaches $10, the bids begin pouring in until the $25 bid from Detwiler's Farm wins the day.

This is likely one of many wins Larry will accomplish, thanks to his new kidney and lots of hard work.