Organization surprises longest-tenured foster family with tickets to Universal Studios

A local foster care family is being celebrated with a big surprise they received from their foster care agency for all their hard work.

The Aguero family has been a foster home for children for nine years. Other foster parents and their children are now showing appreciation to the Aguero's for their service.

"The little's need somebody to love them and we are just thankful that God has given us the opportunity to do this," said foster parent Darren Aguero.

The Agueros are part of A Door Of Hope, a Christian foster care licensing agency in the Tampa Bay area.  

"We're amazed with this family," said A Door Of Hope executive director Godly Daniel. "We want them to know that they are loved and that we appreciate everything that they have done these last nine years."

The group surprised the family with tickets to Universal Studios.

"Of course it's nice to be seen and appreciated," said foster parent Liz Aguero. "I think this is what helps families to continue fostering and continue what they do."

The Augeros believe fostering is a community effort.

"This is definitely something that you can't do on your own so we appreciate it. Having everybody come and wrap their arms around us and come on this journey with us," Liz said.

It's a journey that Darren is glad he has taken.

"It's the most amazing thing I ever been involved in outside of having this family," he said.

For the Agueros, fostering is not only a passion but a calling that they are proud to answer. The Agueros are the longest-tenured foster parents in the organization.