Outback Bowl parade kicks off NYE in Ybor City

Set in historic Ybor City, the 2016 Outback Bowl parade served as the backdrop for the escalating war of words between Tennessee and Northwestern fans.

"We'll probably beat Tennessee by at least a couple TDs," said Mark Bauer, a Northwestern fan.

"It is going to be incredible we're going to kill them," Tennessee fan Donna Waugh said.

Tennessee fans appeared to be the majority lining 7th avenue. 

"All this sea of orange it's a great color," Waugh said.

Diehard Wildcat supporters had their own explanation for that.

"It is a really small school and it's a good academic school unlike Tennessee so it's very selective not many people can get in," said Bauer.

All jokes aside, both sides look forward to a competitive Outback Bowl.  Kickoff is Friday afternoon at Raymond James Stadium.