Palmetto man stole $100K in disaster relief funds intended for Florida Moose Lodge chapters

Booking image for William Andrew Luff 

Over $100,000 in disaster relief funds were stolen from the Moose Lounge in Palmetto – and police said they tracked down the suspect.

On Tuesday, Palmetto police said they arrested William Luff, who took the money that the local chapter raised for the Moose Lodges impacted by Hurricane Ian south of them. 

Authorities said he was located in Tampa and the majority of the stolen cash was recovered.

Police did not specify how Luff allegedly managed to steal the money.

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Recently, a 35-year-old man was caught breaking into the hurricane relief vehicles staged on a Tampa road, police said.

They arrested Bryan Cirino Ortiz, adding that he stole power tools that were later recovered.

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"There are so many people who still are in the dark who still aren't able to have a hot meal at night because their power is off," said Crystal Clark, a spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department. "So for someone to break into the vehicles of those who are trying to restore power is really upsetting."