Pepin Academies launches 2 campaigns to collect school supplies for teachers, students

The Pepin Academies Foundation is launching fundraising campaigns to help students and teachers with school supplies. 
Don Orrico, director of development for Pepin Academies said, "We're running two concurrent programs, 'Adopt-a-Classroom' and 'Adopt-a-Student.'" 

The 'Adopt-a-Student' funds will provide students with a backpack filled with needed school supplies. 

"The goal we have at Pepin Academics is to make sure that every student reaches their full potential in the most supportive environment possible," Jeff Skrownek, executive director of Pepin Academies Hillsborough school explained. 

The 'Adopt-a-Classroom' donations will furnish materials for teachers to enhance academic learning for students. 

"It’s expensive to purchase school supplies," Orrico shared. "It's expensive to get the type of specific type of supplies that our teachers need to educate our students." 

This is the first year for the community school drive for students with learning disabilities. 

"This kind of campaign gives us the opportunity to level the playing field for each student, so they can feel comfortable in their environment, not worrying about who has what, and who doesn't and focus on the education that is at hand," explained Skrownek. 

Lea Lewis is a teacher for Pepin Academies and sees the need first hand. "We have a classroom-based business called ‘Tees by Teens,’ where we specialize in customizing spirit shirts," Lewis said. "This campaign will allow us to expand this classroom-based business."  

A call for community help to support teachers and students in need. Pepin Academies has classes for 3rd graders to 12 graders.