Pick your own blackberries in Brooksville

We know about strawberries and blueberries. But Florida blackberries are the draw at Bramble Creek Farms in Brooksville.

Blackberry season is just getting started, and you can now pick your own berries at Bramble Creek. The farm provides buckets already lined with bags, and owners Gene and Ann Altman offered some tips Thursday about the best blackberries to look for.

They say to pick full, plump berries because unlike tomatoes, they won’t ripen after they’re picked.

“If the little drooplets have dimples in them, they still have a little more time to go and get sugared up and get filled out, and you want to make sure they’re good and plump before you pick them,” Ann offered.

And as bright as they are, avoid the red berries. “You cannot put enough sugar on it,” Gene chuckled.

The you-pick blackberries run $5.50 per pound. The farm also offers pre-picked and even frozen blackberries for those who’d rather not wander the fields.

Bramble Creek Farms is on Hayman Road in Brooksville. They are currently open weekend mornings, along with Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

LINK: For more details, visit www.bramblecreekfarms.com