Pinellas County teen raising money for autoimmune disease in an unique way

Kailyn Rosenthal is using an unusual school assignment at Richard O. Jacobson Technical School High in Seminole to raise awareness of a rare neurological disorder. For the project, she's walking, or some would say, dragging a book everywhere she goes.

"Mine has been dragged around with me for the past 24 hours and surprisingly no one has questioned it," Rosenthal said.

She suffers from an autoimmune disease called dysautonomia. It causes neurological issues. 

"If I get up too fast it can cause me to blackout, or get really dizzy or nauseous," she explained. 

She decided to use her school project as a fundraiser for the Dysautonomia Youth Network of America by selling wristbands for the non-profit organization. 

"With how much they have helped me, I want to make sure that they can continue to give back to other people." 

She hopes the rubber bracelets bring awareness to the debilitating disability. 

"So, it says, ‘Disability is not defined by visibility,’ and on the back, it has my two hashtags-'Dysautonomia Awareness' and ‘Salt is my sword.’"   

Rosenthal hopes her example inspires others to find creative ways to give back to others.


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