Pinellas deputies, best friends save bicyclist's life

For 40 years, deputies Jim Miller and Harry Harris have had each other's backs, and Wednesday afternoon, that bond helped save a bicyclist's life.

"It is a special bond when you get to grow up with someone and then work with them. You just know each other very well," said Deputy Harris.

The two grew up in the same neighborhood and now, they have patrolled the same streets in Pinellas County together for years.

"It is great working with harry because I can trust him. I know what he made in English on the third grade so," said Deputy Miller.

They are ready for anything and everything.

"With  this job you don't know what you are going to see everyday," said Deputy Harris.

Tuesday afternoon Deputy Harris pulled into Wall Springs Park. He was patrolling the area when a person ran up to him saying a bicyclist needed help.

"He was blue, he wasn't breathing and we didn't have a pulse," said Deputy Harris.

The bicyclist was 58 year old Joseph William Hayes Leamer of Saint Petersburg. He became disoriented when riding, pulled over to the side of the trail and collapsed.

As Deputy Harris evaluated him, Deputy MIller ran over and suggested CPR.

"We stopped the first 30 there was no pulse so he continued on the next 30," said Deputy Miller.

The two performed the life saving technique for about two minutes. It wasn't until they stopped that they noticed Leamer had a pulse.

He was rushed to the hospital.

"We went and checked on him an hour later. He had a tan complexion it was good to see," said Deputy MIller.

For the two friends and co-workers, it was just another day at work.

But it was one of the most rewarding they have seen in a long time.

"That is the most important thing we can do. Protect and serve. Yesterday we got the opportunity to protect and serve," said Deputy Miller.

Deputy Harris agreed.

"It was one of the best days you could have when you made a difference in somebody's life," he said.