Pinellas home for sale features underground bomb shelter

A home for sale in Pinellas County has a unique feature that you might not expect. 

The house, in Pinellas Park was built in the 1960s, during the height of the Cold War. In the driveway is a hatch that leads to an underground bomb shelter: a rare sight in Florida. 

"It goes down quite a bit and it's arc shaped," said realtor Sue Ellis. 

Imagine the possibilities today.

"Tornado shelter, hurricane shelter since we got done with the hurricane," she said.  "Party room, man cave, wine cellar," she added. 

"The bomb shelter was definitely one of the key factors he liked," said Christine Lapinski, whose father Stanley owned the house for more than 30 years.

Stanley Lapinski served in the Navy, so he felt right at home safe and sound down there.  

"It has a spiral staircase which make you feel like you're on a submarine," she said. "It was a cute little place, it was a hideaway." 

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Now, that hideaway -- and the house above it -- are on the market and available to anyone who needs a little extra space. 

"It is a hidden gem for those looking for something really unique," Ellis said.

LINK: For more information on the home, visit Ellis's website