Planes evacuated from MacDill AFB to Kansas ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa

KC-135 refueling planes from MacDill Air Force Base are being moved to McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas on Sunday as Florida prepares for Tropical Storm Elsa

MacDill says the planes are being relocated due to the storm's projected winds. The aircraft will return to Tampa after the storm passes and conditions return to normal. 

MacDill’s base commander has also limited base access and "mission essential personnel" only on Tuesday. Active duty military members, civilians and contractors have been instructed to telework as much as possible as the storm passes over the Bay Area. 

"The safety of our service members, families, and aircraft are paramount," said Col Benjamin Jonsson, 6th Air Refueling Wing Commander. "We need to launch our aircraft in a timely manner so that our maintainers and flight crew can take care of their families before Elsa arrives." 

MacDill is not planning on evacuating the base at this time, but it is working with Hillsborough County leaders to monitor the storm. 

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