Plea deal in torture murders

Bind, torture, kill -- that is what investigators say Scott Schweickert and his accomplice did to two men in Tampa.  Now, Schweickert has agreed to a deal that will spare him from death row.

Since last November, FOX 13 has reported Schweickert has been looking to cut a deal with the state, and now it looks like it's finally happening.  Schweickert has agreed to testify against his alleged accomplice, Steven Lozeno, and in exchange Schweickert avoids the death penalty altogether.

Schweickert is accused of killing two men, Jason Galehouse and Michael Wacholtz, in 2003.  But Schweickert has always pointed the finger at Lorenzo, saying he drugged and killed the men and Schweickert helped dispose of the bodies.

Both men have been convicted on federal drugging charges.  Lorenzo is serving a 200-year prison sentence, but has never faced murder charges.  Now, prosecutors plan to present Schweickert's testimony to a grand jury to get an indictment on Lorenzo.

Schweickert is not off the hook.  He will plead guilty to murder charges and get life in prison without parole. 

A new court date for this plea deal has not been set.