Podcast focuses on innovation in St. Petersburg

Big things are happening in St. Petersburg and Alison Barlow wants the community to know about it. 

The executive director of the St. Petersburg Innovation District, she created a podcast called "Innovation In The Burg." It's about science and innovation in St. Petersburg.

"Each podcast I'm joined by a local science or technology expert who will talk about what they are working on," said Barlow.

In one podcast, Barlow was joined by Dr. Deby Cassill, an associate biology professor at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. They discussed her research on ants. 

"Being a geek and really measuring things in ants has given me a great deal of insight into human behavior as well," said Barlow.

"I think it's really important to tie together the research that's being done on the community in a way that community members themselves can understand," offered Randall Russell, a board member of the St. Petersburg Innovation District. 

"I think it's exciting to know that the community is reaching into the university because we've  been pretty isolated for a lot of years and I love this interaction with community members," said Dr. Cassill.

The podcast is gaining listeners.

"I know from the first podcast that we got a lot of people listening that wouldn't normally listen," Barlow added.

LINK: To listen to the podcast, visit: http://stpeteinnovationdistrict.com/innovation-burg-podcast/