Police respond after Florida officer seen punching teen

Video of a teenage girl being punched by a Florida police officer is making its way across social media, but police say what happened leading up to the video is a different story. 

The video, recorded Thursday at Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs, shows the girl face down on the ground as two officers try to handcuff her. The video shows an officer punching the girl twice in the ribs during the confrontation. 

Police tell WSVN that earlier, they received a call about unruly teens who were harassing other shoppers at the mall. According to officers, a mother said the group had pushed her five-year-old down to the ground. 

Officers banned the teens from the mall, but they returned and police arrested one of the male teens, according to WSVN. That's when the girl in the video began cursing and trying to incite the other teens, police say. 

While some say they believe the officer in the video was using excessive force during the arrest, investigators say the girl was fighting and resisting arrest and the officers were trying to get her to unclench her fists so she could be handcuffed. 

Police say the girl also violently kicked an officer as she was put in the patrol car. 

There was no word on whether there would be an investigation into the arrest.