Police: Suspects seen placing skimmer on ATM

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Surveillance video from an ATM at the Citizens Bank in Lake Wales shows two men installing an illegal skimmer device on it.

"In this case what we observed is a thin linear type that they slid in," said Sgt. Bill Raebig.

That was Friday morning, by Sunday night the two were back to retrieve their device. At least five credit cards were stolen then these guys racked up $20,000 charges spent in the Orlando Area.

The weekend prior another Citizen's Bank ATM, this time in Haines City, caught the same two crooks doing the same thing.

Between August 19 and 21, police say they stole information from at least 40 customers.

"It is extremely frustrating it's happening quite a bit we're all victims," said Sgt. Raebig.

To avoid becoming the next:

"Be vigilant be observant if you see anything that looks strange or doesn't belong report that," he said.

Anyone who recognizes these suspects is asked to contact Detective Aubrey Davis at 863-678-4223, extension 276, or Heartland Crime Stoppers at 800-226-8477.