Police: Two bodies found at Shephard's Beach Resort

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It was a disturbing discovery at a Clearwater Beach hotel. Police found two bodies inside a second-floor guest room at Shephard's Beach Resort.

Clearwater Police got the 911 call around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon. They say the bodies found were those of two adults. So far, their names have not been released.

Homicide detectives spent hours investigating, looking into how the two people died, whether it was accidental or criminal, whether there any kind of disturbance leading up to the deaths and how the two knew each other.

While the investigation went on inside the resort, there were very few signs of it outside, other than a police car or two. Business went on as usual, with guests checking in and out.

"I had no idea what was going on," said Simone Dallabona, who had just checked in. "And then, I talked to this guy and he told me apparently, two people were found dead there. It's very scary."

Joe Moralobo, who lives nearby, noticed a growing amount of police vehicles early in the afternoon.

"I noticed about four police cars, a couple fire engines," Moralobo said. "It was pretty chaotic out here, which is kind of unusual for a Tuesday afternoon."

"I think we're all just... I'm pretty much in shock," Moralobo said. "This is a very quiet wonderful beach."

While police work to find answers, visitors and neighbors stood by, saddened to hear of the deaths, in an area they find not only peaceful but safe.

"This is paradise and we just don't want to see that stuff here," said Sue Webb. "But, it doesn't take away from how wonderful this place it. It really doesn't. Clearwater Beach is always going to be our paradise."

A manager at the resort said that, with the official police investigation ongoing, they would be making no comment on what happened inside their building.