Port Richey floods could take another day to drain

Dozens of residents of the Suncoast Gateway Mobile Home park chose to evacuate to higher ground as flood water crept up throughout Monday.

"It just started to rise and rise. I didn't think it would stop. It was coming up an inch at a time," Gregg Bosson said while sitting on his porch glaring at three feet of water.

Many homeowners were glad to see the sun peeking through the clouds Monday afternoon, but they realize they're far from out of the water.

Pasco County first responders went door-to-door asking residents if they'd like a ride out of their flooded neighborhood.

Most took them up on the offer. Some decided to stay put.

"I'm usually on the dry side, but this time it got me," Tina Cabbage explained.

"I'm worried about my car, so if the damage is done, it's already done," Dot Cote added.

As of Sunday afternoon, neighbors said, there was only a small trickle of water -- maybe an inch deep - flowing down a couple of streets.

For the past two weeks, management had pumps running throughout the park to keep the neighborhood from flooding, but once a retention pond overflowed back into the park, flooding was inevitable.

"I saw it with the hurricanes, the flood we had in 2008, the 2012 Debbie storm and now this," Cote said.

"When Debbie came through, it got like this and they had told us they had corrected it and that it probably wouldn't get like this again, but apparently that wasn't true," Cabbage told FOX 13.

Neighbors expect it to take a day or so for the retention pond to drain.