Post-Irma debris cleanup is work in progress

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If your neighborhood is still decorated with dead tree limbs instead of Halloween motifs, you aren't alone. 

Instead of anticipating the ice cream truck or Amazon delivery vehicle, many Hillsborough residents are hopeful that the debris removal truck is coming to their neighborhood next.

The county has promised to make those dreams come true and is asking for just a little help as the removal process advances.

County contractors have been hired to work seven days a week clearing streets. The crews will work until their container trucks are full before pulling out of a neighborhood, so their time spent in a particular area depends  on the debris encountered. 

Residents are asked to help in that process by bagging leaves and loose twigs so those items can be removed by the weekly yard waste contractors. Piles of leaves will not be removed by the contractors.

For larger debris piles of tree limbs, trunks and stumps, residents are asked to make sure that the debris is separate from any household waste, furniture or other damaged household items. The debris piles should also be separate from any fixed items such as mailboxes or over hanging structures like awnings or signage. The claw trucks may damage those things removing the debris.

Residents may drop off yard debris for free at one of three county drop off sites (must show a valid Florida Driver's License). Those addresses are here: