Praise and thanks shared by Bay Area first responders, healthcare workers

It was a simple gesture, but it came as a big surprise for medical professionals in Manatee County.

First responders showed an outpouring of support for medical professionals at local hospitals from Manatee Memorial and Doctors Hospital in Sarasota.

Ems crews, firefighters, and law enforcement wanted to thank those treating the sickest COVID-19 patients.

“It’s very important to make sure we are all in this,” Manatee County EMS District Chief Jason Evans said. “It’s just to show support dealing with this crisis is so mentally and physically taxing we are all in this together. Our hospital family are right in those doors and it’s very important to show support that we are all in this together.”

And at Manatee Memorial Hospital the show of support took staff members by surprise.

“I thought, ‘Wow, look at this. We’ve got all the big trucks and units and all the EMS responders. This is awesome,” said Dr. Philp Howren with Emergency Medicine Manatee Memorial.

Even when thanked, these professionals haven't taken the credit. Instead, they extended their own thanks to the first responders on the streets.

“I think this is an incredible show from the EMS community who by the way are the real front lines. They bring us the patients, and they do a tremendous job. We really appreciate this,” Dr. Howren said. “We want to recognize all the medical staff during the COVID-19 response. We are lucky to have such dedicated professionals working in our community and this is a small way to express our appreciation.”