Program gives students second chance at breakfast

Getting up early and eating breakfast is a tough task for most high school students, but thanks to a new program some Tampa teens are getting a second chance to chow down.

Durant High schoolers are some of the first taking part in the Second Chance Breakfast program. 
"I definitely like it," student Vincent Chase said.

"It really helps a lot," his classmate Jacob Burkett said.

The program started in 2014 as a way to help students have another chance to eat breakfast.

"We feel like students are sometimes not ready to eat first thing in the morning, so we have a breakfast before school, but we also have a second chance breakfast for students to come in and just grab something quick and satisfy their hunger," Principal Pamela Brown explained.

During Second Chance Breakfast, students get 10 minutes between their first two periods of classes to eat in the cafeteria. 
"Its a great thing because a lot of students can't make it to school at 7 to get breakfast," Jacob said.

"It really helps, getting some food in between classes," Vincent explained.

The program follows the Hillsborough County nutritional guidelines for school breakfast.
"We serve items that are quick to eat and tasty and the kids like them," Pamela said.

Over 500 students participate in the program everyday and it is more popular than the early breakfast.

"I feel more effective in class, more awake. Just helps me concentrate a lot sometimes," student Emanuel Johnson said.

"It helps you focus and gives you more energy to pay attention in class," Jacob said.

The program is sponsor by Florida Impact, a group whose purpose is to stamp out childhood hunger.