Pup found after being traded for drugs, cash

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A puppy that was stolen from a pet store and sold for drugs and cash has been found.

The Yorkshire Terrier puppy was located at a St. Petersburg animal hospital and confirmed through a microchip.

Largo police say the suspect stole the puppy last Tuesday, January 12, from the All About Puppies store in the 7100 block of Ulmerton Road.

A store employee says the man, identified by police as 38-year-old Wayne Junior Barfield, walked into the store, inquired about one of the Yorkshire Terriers inside, acted as if he was interested in making a purchase, and then left.

Surveillance footage later showed he had stuffed the puppy in his shirt before he took off.

They identified Barfield two days later, on Thursday, after a tip led them his way. They arrested him for grand theft the next day, but the dog was nowhere to be found.

They later learned Barfield had traded the dog for crack cocaine and cash, but he reportedly refused to out the other person in the deal.

The animal hospital, Partridge Animal Hospital, said the family who brought the dog in didn't know she was stolen.  They brought her in because she was sick and the veterinarian found she had an upper respiratory infection and intestinal parasites. The vet's office has been calling her, "Cookie."

She is now back with "All About Puppies," said Partridge Animal Hospital, which also posted video of the tiny pup to their Facebook page before she left.