Puppies dance while drinking mom's milk in adorable video

These puppies might just be your spirit animals!

We have all heard the phrase "food is life," but when you hit a happy dance while enjoying a meal, or even a snack, it gets deeper — it hits the heart. 

And that feeling isn’t just exclusive to humans, as two Australian Labradoodle puppies are proving -- and giving us all the feels in the process. 


In a video posted to Bunjidoodles' Instragram page, Louis and Kate sweetly rocked back and forth, kneading their tiny feet in pure bliss, as they enjoyed their mom’s milk. 

According to their caption, it was snack time for the pups and who does not get excited for snacks!

The video has over 46,000 views and hundreds of comments from people saying they can’t stop watching the wholesome video. 

"Got this on repeat! So so sweet and momma Sami simply can’t be beat, I’m melting cause look at their little feet!!!" one person commented.

With something this cute and all too relatable, who can blame them?