Rain arrives for Labor Day, Florence maintains strength

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A Tropical wave bringing heavy rain to the Bahamas will move northwest heading to Tampa for Labor Day. The wave’s path takes it through an area of strong wind shear, so development before it arrives in Tampa is unlikely.

The wave will move into the Gulf of Mexico late Monday, entering a more favorable environment for development. It will likely develop into a Tropical Depression as it enters the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

The main impact for Tampa is an increase in deep tropical moisture, leading to more numerous showers and storms for the Holiday. Southern Florida will see the highest rainfall totals.

Tropical Storm Florence has become better organized and strengthened to 60 mph winds. The system may strengthen a little more over the next 49 hours as it remains in an area of low wind shear.

Sea surface temperatures remain marginal, which has helped to limit strengthening. As Florence continues to move westward it will run into stronger wind shear by the middle of next week.and begin to weaken. Regardless of Florence’s strength it will remain over the open Atlantic.

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