Rays fans eagerly anticipating stadium announcement

After months of conversations, the Tampa Bay Rays will unveil their highly anticipated Ybor stadium plans on Tuesday. 

Over the weekend, Rays owner Stu Sternberg announced the reveal, but didn't offer many details. 

"I look forward to Tuesday and being there and making a real special event of it because I think it’s something that can be a generational thing for the whole Tampa Bay region," Sternberg said. 

How exactly that will translate into the new park remains to be seen. As does the cost, rumored to be as much as $800 million.

The big sticking point will be the funding sources, including how much the Rays will contribute. 

Those questions notwithstanding, Tuesday's promised reveal has fans stirred up and playing amateur-architect. 

“Above everything else, I think a retractable roof; we got to have that here,” said Garry Adams, a Rays fan. 

Swapping the Trop's turf for genuine grass is high on many lists. 

“However they can do natural grass, if they have to bring it, bring it out. I want to see it used 365 days a year,” said Mark Ferguson, owner of Ferg’s Sportsbar. “Baseball is changing a lot. I think it needs to be a smaller stadium,” he added. 

In addition, fans say it needs to fit in with look of historic Ybor City, while still featuring the modern touches fans have come to expect. 

“I think it’s pretty important to future-proof it, like you said, how often are we going to going to get a new stadium, especially in this market?" offered John Crabtree, another fan.