duo makes another huge donation

School is about to start and today was the first day back for many teachers in our area.

They'll be organizing their rooms and stacking their shelves with supplies and books. But some teachers at Sheehy Elementary had a lot more work to do after flooding damaged books in their classrooms.

That is, until a young but dynamic duo surprised them Wednesday.

11-year-old Chase Hartman and 12-year-old Vance Tomasi helped out by donating 2,000 used books. This isn't their first time, either.

They've donated 35,000 books to 38 schools, hospitals, libraries, and charities in the past 8 months.

LINK: Friends donate 30,000 books to schools

“First we collect the books from organizations, schools, and other communities. And friends and family help us.  We sort them into genres, adult books, kid books, hard back, paper back,” Chase explained.

This is a big deal since many of these teachers lost their entire class libraries. The school couldn't be more grateful.

The boys just won a prestigious award from the EPA, recognizing their efforts as one of the top five environmental projects by elementary school kids in the nation.

If you know an organization that can use gently used books, visit to get involved.