Red tide causing respiratory concerns along Sarasota County beaches

The ongoing red tide outbreak along Florida's Gulf coast has not only threatened marine life, but can also cause respiratory concerns for beachgoers.

The National Weather Service predicts a high level of red tide present in Sarasota County beaches for Monday, which includes Lido Beach, Siesta Key, Venice Beach, and Manasota Beach. However, on Monday morning, those conditions did not appear to be present on Lido Beach.

The ongoing toxic algae bloom is considered to be the longest red tide outbreak for the Gulf of Mexico in over a decade.

Officials said those with asthma or other respiratory health problems should avoid beaches where the red tide is present, and pet owners should monitor their animals on the beach. Inhaling the toxic algae blooms can cause eye irritation and respiratory issues.

The current red tide advisory in effect is set to expire on Tuesday, August 4. 

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Experts said the red tide bloom showed up earlier than usual, and its deadly effects have been recently washing up on shore. Officials say nearly 300 sea turtles have died since the toxic bloom, which has been occurring for months. Pelicans and a whale shark have also died, wildlife experts say.

To monitor the Red Tide advisory and the affected beaches, click over to the Sarasota County's health department website or the Mote Marine Laboratory website.