Redington Shores zoning board votes down proposal for strict occupancy regulations on rental properties

Some beach rental owners are concerned proposed restrictions could put them out of the business. It's part of an effort to crack down on noise complaints in Redington Shores.

During a meeting of the Redington Shores Planning and Zoning Board, a few board members raised concerns about the proposed ordinance being 'too overreaching,' which is part of the reason why they decided not to pass it Tuesday night.

However, all five planning and zoning board members agreed an ordinance of some kind needs to be in place.

The town of Redington Shores is a hot spot for tourists, but residents say there are too many.

Board members voted down an ordinance Tuesday night, which would have limited the number of beds and guests per room in rental properties.

"It's a little overreaching myself. Being a business owner and being in business myself for the past 18 years, I can't see so much control, to be honest," Redington Shores Planning and Zoning Board Member Anders Bourgeois said.

The Redington Shores Planning and Zoning Board met via Zoom to have a second reading on the proposed ordinance.

"When a house is being rented to 25 or 30 people at a time, that's not for choir practice, that's to party," one resident who called into the meeting said.

During public comment, some residents complained about noise and other issues with having properties rented out to large groups.

The proposed ordinance will likely come up during Wednesday's Board of Commissioners meeting, set for 6 p.m.