Rental-only subdivision moves into the Tampa Bay area

Rental communities are going from vertical to horizontal.

Avilla Suncoast in Odessa is an upcoming subdivision of rentals only. It's a new trend in housing: Single-family, built-for-rent communities.

The developer, NexMetro, has similar subdivisions in Phoenix, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

"What makes it unique is that it's all single-story and detached. We offer a best-of-both-worlds scenario for consumers. Lifestyle and finish of a home with the convenience of a lease, no-hassle maintenance-free living," explained William Hulton, the vice-president of development for Florida NexMetro Communities.  

"We offer a single floor, detached, private entrances, private backyards. No shared walls, except in the one-bedrooms you share one wall another unit. There are garages available. We have a resort-style pool amenities. We have dog parks, grilling stations, green space, gathering areas, fire pit. We also provide residents a full-size washer and dryer."

This is the first Florida location.

"We gravitate toward market drivers, job-growth opportunities, incomes, other metrics that we use to identify key market areas. This just happens to be one of those areas that we felt was primed for this product," continued Hulton.

Developers said renters in these types of communities may be looking to lease a little longer than those choosing conventional apartments.

"The Avilla homes consumer is typically one that has the wherewithal to buy or to own but is choosing to rent. It's either young professionals looking for convenience, access, proximity to employment opportunities. It's also those life-stage transition, singles or maybe divorcees. Then there's also a component as what I will refer to as the baby boomers who are downsizing, who are looking to scale back," said Hulton.

It's a different take on a suburban lifestyle.

"Despite the fact that they are a cottage-style product, they feel very much like, and they are, a single-family detached home, with the high ceilings and the hard surface floors. For most consumers, I think they are looking for an alternate to traditional big-box living," Hulton added.

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