Replica of lost badge returns honor to retired officer

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They were separated by decades but bonded together by brotherhood. 

Retired Palmetto Police Captain Stanley Fenton and Detective Sergeant Ryan LaRowe were brought together by chance. 

LaRowe is on the pension board and was checking to make sure Fenton was getting his payments. 
During their first meeting, LaRowe learned Fenton recently lost his captain's badge. 

"I couldn't find it after moving out of assisted living in Sun City. I couldn't find it. I looked all over," Fenton said. "Losing your badge is just like losing your pistol... no good without it."

The loss brought a big heartache. For more than 15 years Fenton served his community with the Palmetto Police Department. It was a job he loved and one he was proud of. 

On his own, Sgt. LaRowe went to work, designing and recreating the lost badge. 

"I just kind of felt instinctively to do it," said Det. Sgt. Ryan LaRowe. "It kind of fell on my heart, I guess, is the best way to put it. "

After getting approval from his bosses, he had the replica made. 

Force Productions in Bradenton created the badge. When they learned about Fenton's story, they made it for free. 

"Your badge is your badge of honor. It's what you take an oath to do. You take an oath to serve the public, but the symbol of that oath you took is the badge that you have," he said. 

Close to 50 years after Fenton's retirement, Sgt. LaRowe presented him with a new badge. 

"It was almost like getting it from city hall and sworn in," said Fenton. 

He wears it proudly as a symbol of his dedication to his community and police force. 

"I'd be on there now if they'd let me," he said.