Rhode Island zoo welcomes baby sloth after difficult birth

A baby sloth is the newest member of the family at a zoo in Rhode Island.

Veterinarians at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence rushed to the aid of Fiona, a sloth who went into labor but began struggling during the delivery.

Zoo staff needed to step in to provide quick medical assistance, giving Fiona all the help she needed in the final moments of birth. 

(Courtesy: Roger Williams Park Zoo)

Once the baby was born, animal caregivers were initially concerned because the newborn wasn't active right away. They gently rubbed the baby with a warm towel, which helped it become alert.

Zoo officials say Fiona and her baby are doing well, and are constantly being monitored to ensure they are healthy.

The newborn still doesn't have a name, but staff way it weighs roughly 1.5 pounds, which is heavy for a baby sloth.