Rich Piana's girlfriend speaks out after bodybuilder's death

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In a tearful ten minute YouTube video, Chanel Jansen opens up to clear the air about the death of her boyfriend, bodybuilder Rich Piana. 

The 46-year-old epitomized the phrase "larger than life."

"Rich is a wonderful person who's changed a lot of lives including mine," she said.

Piana passed out in her arms in early August at their home in Pinellas County.

"All of a sudden he started to fall back against me...and I said, 'baby are you ok?' And as he came back his eyes were rolled in the back of his head," she recalled.

Jasen told PEOPLE magazine he'd had a heart attack. He would stay in the hospital in a medically induced coma before passing late last week.

"I was holding his hand while he slept the nurses came to check in on him and it woke me up, I repositioned myself and I let go of his hand. They came in 40 minutes later they told me he passed," she said.

Piana became a massive figure in the fitness industry, amassing millions of social media followers. 

Known for his honesty, he often detailed his steroid use. There were reportedly more than 20 bottles found in his home.But for those that knew him, there was much more than muscle to Piana.

"His heart was way bigger than his arms," said fellow bodybuilder Aaron Reed.

Reed had become close with him bonding over the weights and the grind.

"One of the things he taught all of us you can get a whole lot farther being yourself than trying to please everybody," he said.

A sentiment echoed by trainer Ryan Watson.

"Extremely humble extremely educated very positive and uplifting and he was a very unique cat," said Watson.