The Right Stuff, a dating app for conservatives, launches this fall

These days, there’s a dating app for everyone, from farmers to parents to goths. Another one being thrown in the mix hopes to help you find your Mr. or Mrs. "Right" — a conservative, right-leaning partner, that is. 

The Right Stuff is a new dating app for conservatives only, co-founded by John McEntee, Daniel Huff and Isaac Stalzer, three former Trump administration officials. The app is backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.


Image: The Right Stuff

The site will launch in September and is free to join, but will be invite-only à la Clubhouse style (if you remember the social audio app’s craze mid-pandemic). This means you can’t join unless you know someone who’s already a member and they send you an invite. The invite list is limitless, though. 

"Other dating apps have gone woke," a tagline on the website reads, later specifically mentioning that this is a way to view profiles "without pronouns." "Connect with people who aren’t offended by everything," the site continues to promise. 


Image: The Right Stuff

Women who join are eligible for a free premium subscription after they invite two friends, Ryann McEnany, the sister of former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany who’s serving as the app’s spokesperson, revealed in an introductory video posted to the site

Otherwise, the premium subscription will be available for $9.99 a month. A premium account gives you the ability to like more profiles and access exclusive events. 


Image: The Right Stuff

"The Right Stuff is all about getting into the right dating pool, with people who share the same values and beliefs as you," McEnany said in the site’s promotional video. 

The site also introduces a "date" feature, where you can post a date idea and see if anyone is interested, a feature that could come in handy, say, if you have an extra ticket for a concert or sporting event. Right now the feature is unique to The Right Stuff.

"We came up with the concept while trying to think of the best way to get people out," as a way to incentivize "doing" over "talking," McEntee explained in an email to FOX Television Stations. 


Image: The Right Stuff

Right now, you can sign up for early access at

"We are thrilled by the initial response, and we look forward to seeing everyone on the app next month!" McEntee said.

This story was reported from Detroit